Dancer of the Week- Robyn Esson

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This week, we have chosen Robyn Esson as our featured Dancer of the Week. Robyn has been a member of the Miracles Dance team since the first season and with the third year starting off, she proudly says that it has been an experience she will never forget. Not only is Robyn a dancer with the Miracles, she also works full-time in our Front Office  - she truly is an integral part of the Miracles family!

Robyn was born in Moncton NB and has lived here all her life. She is only 22 years old, but her age has not held her back from accomplishing a number of exciting things already in her life. Robyn has countless reasons to be proud of the person she has become!

Robyn may appear glamorous when she is dancing on the court in full hair and make-up, but she is far from being a diva. As a kid, Robyn spent a lot of her time at the camp with her father and younger brother; riding dirt bikes, climbing trees and building cabins. “My mom tried putting me in dance, but I cried like a baby and never wanted to go, so that quickly ended” she says. Being a tom-boy, her parents put her in soccer, a swimming program (though now she admits she could not float if she tired) and then she went on to play baseball in an all boys league. Robyn played baseball for 5 years, and really enjoyed it. That is, until one day when she was 12, her crush (a boy on her team named Robbie) told her that at the end of summer, he was going to join Hip-Hop classes. Little Robyn decided that was that! She was joining dance! Robbie didn't say when or where he was going to take dance lessons, but Robyn was convinced she wanted to join so her mom enrolled her at DancEast. Robyn looks back and laughs, “I really wish I could go back now and thank Robbie, he made me find the love of my life - performing!” Once Robyn started at DancEast, she couldn't stop, she went form taking one hip-hop class a week, to training professionally with the DancEast Young Company (Robbie never showed up)!

Not only does Robyn dance but she is a triple threat; acting, dancing and singing. Robyn was a part of multiple District 2 musicals, landing the lead role in both Footloose and Beauty and the Beast.. She has also worked with Ghostlight Theater Group and Hairy Tease. Robyn’s dream is to perform professionally on Broadway.

After High School Robyn went to U de M and then continued on to receive her Marketing and Sales Diploma from NBCC. She knew that this was the field for her, as it involves public speaking, being in the public eye and constant personal interaction!

Robyn's future goals include becoming a fitness competitor (she has already started the process), having a family of her own and one day being the CEO of a major company!

Robyn happily states, “My parents, family, besties and boyfriend have always supported me in everything I do, whether it is dancing, modeling or singing, they are always there to cheer me on! I love them to death!” She goes on, “My mom and I are best friends and she is my inspiration, she is such a hard working individual and she never lets being a woman stand in her way; I want to be just like her!”

Robyn has such passion dancing for the Miracles, it gives her a chance every week to do what she loves! “The girls and the team are like my second family, they, and the fans make this experience so memorable.”

Of course, being a Miracles Dancer doesn’t mean that the little tomboy inside of her has completely gone away, she says “Even though I still enjoy a bike ride out in the woods with my dad now and then, I think I found my true calling!”
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