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Basketball in Canada is one of the most popular playtimes and professional sports, ranking among the top six most preferred sports among the Canadian people. The game was invented by a Canadian National who was a tutor at the YMCA Springfield, Massachusetts school back in 1891.

With the first National Basketball Association (NBA) game first played in Toronto, Canada the country is documented as one of the pioneers in the history of the basketball game.

With this information, it’s necessary for the basketball fans to have a place where they are able to follow all the happenings in the basketball game leagues especially in Canada and the United States. Welcome and read through the content of this site which is dedicated to bringing you all the information related to basketball in Canada.

The site will take you through the history of basketball in Canada since its inception, the teams that have helped form competitive professional and amateur leagues in the country. It explores both the men’s and women’s national basketball teams’ achievements and participation in previous events together with the latest news touching on the only team representing Canada in the National Basketball Association league the Toronto Raptors which has been impressive in the last couple of seasons against the teams representing the United States.

Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors are one of the most successful basketball teams from Canada having represented Canada in the NBA league since 1995. The Raptors play their home games at the Scotiabank Arena and are members of the Eastern Conference Atlantic division and were the first two Canadian teams to join the NBA league together with the Vancouver Grizzlies which later relocated to Memphis leaving the Raptors as the only team in the league from Canada. The team has won four divisional titles and registered their most successive season in 2018 having been seeded first in the Eastern Conference a first in the history for the club.

Men’s basketball team Canada

The national men’s basketball team has participated in quite a number of international events including the Olympics, the Basketball World Cup and several Association-sponsored tournaments since the invention of the game. The men’s basketball team is ranked at position 23 according to the latest FIBA ranking after a successive campaign in Brazil where they secured a slot to participate in the 2019 men’s Basketball World Cup 2019 that will take place in China from August 31st to September 15th, 2019. The seven best teams in this tournament will get automatic qualifications to the 2020 Japan Olympic games.

Betting on Basketball

Basketball betting is one of the most preferred betting markets among many betting enthusiasts. Betting professionals advise that for a successful betting experience the team’s current news statistics will help you make informed decisions. This site will try and dig out some relevant team news and statistics related to various basketball leagues especially in Canada that will help you make informed betting decisions. We invite you to read through all the sections for information related to the basketball game in Canada.